Friday, July 5, 2013


Skirt: Ricki's / Top: F21 / Shoes: Thrifted / Necklaces: Vintage & F21 / Sunnies: Le Chateau / Watch: Guess 

It would be safe to say that I'm mildly obsessed with drop waists & trumpet hems. The frequency of emails that I have sent to Candice & Kate with links to various favourites (oh hi, oh hi, oh hiiiii) has been a bit much, and god bless them for putting up with me. I've been hemming & hawing over which items I should take the plunge on & add to my closet, and that's really mostly because the fit with this style is so flipping tricky. Mega fitted on the hips & butt... not generally my most desired cut.

Then I found this skirt. This skirt looks like this skirt, but guess what.. it isn't that skirt. I found this replica at Ricki's - can you even believe that? Almost identical, fraction of the price. And it was distinguishably on sale from its regular price, so I paid, legit, $18 for it. A fashion miracle.

I also have to send a big nod out to Alicia on this look. She instagrammed something that directly inspired me, which is a pretty common occurrence. 

Have a happy weekend!

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