Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fully Classy Flirt

Dress: Gentle Fawn / Shoes: ALDO / Sunnies: reNeu Boutique / Purse: Le Chateau / Watch: Guess / Bracelet: Vince Camuto c/o Envy

I mentioned in my last post that I am attending a bunch of weddings this Summer, and here I am to document yet another wedding outfit that was worn just this weekend past - how is that for blogging punctuality? This dress was lent to me by my roommate, who wore it to a wedding last summer and I have to say, it's sort of the most perfect. Neutral, pastel-y colour palette, interesting geometric print, airy-ness & comfort.. and my most favourite part: the crossover skirt in front. Flirty but fully classy. A fully classy flirt. 

P.S. Tricksies. I'm definitely not engaged. I just wanted to do a little test out to see if people actually read my written blog content, and Kate & I thought that this would be the most hilarious way. We were chatting about how we are pretty sure many people don't read written content like, at all, in the way that they will comment on posts, and we wanted to do a small experiment. 

That's definitely a cubic zirconia ring that my mom gave to me. 

I'm definitely the most single you can be. 

And those horribly bit fingernails definitely don't deserve any real diamonds.

So if you read this, enjoy this joke. If not, well.. now you think I'm engaged & that's pretty darn funny. 

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